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Mar 20, 2018

Sudy Majd is a customer experience research lead at Candid Co. In the fifth episode, I spoke with Bobby, a colleague of Sudy, and we talked a lot about the way they do user research at Candid Co so it only made sense to dive deeper into these topics with Sudy. She has a PhD specialized in consumer behavior and behavioral economics. 

In the episode we spoke about:

  • doing proactive user research that anticipates rather than reacts to business challenges,
  • how to mix qualitative and quantitative research methods,
  • and how to find the right profiles for your research questions. 

Show notes:

  • 1:50 What did Sudy do before joining Candid Co?
  • 6:20 How does academia work translate into Sudy's work at Candid Co?
  • 8:20 An example of behavioral economic applied to Candid Co
  • 11:00 How to proactively create briefs for user research
  • 15:10 Research methods that Sudy uses in her work
  • 19:50 What is a suitable sample size for quantitative and qualitative research
  • 22:05 How to phrase questions for interviews and questionnaires
  • 26:50 How to find the right profiles for user research?
  • 35:30 How to bundle different research questions in one study
  • 37:20 How does Sudy synthesise learnings? 
  • 39:30 What are the common mistakes that beginners make? 
  • 42:10 Who is part of the research team at Candid Co?
  • 43:20 What one thing about design that surprised Sudy in a positive and one in a negative way?